Thursday, February 11, 2010

wants of the week

Just 15 minutes of browsing Anthropologie's site left me with a whole slew of wants.

Cream, ruffles, stripes, bright colors, pretty flowers...boy oh boy I'm in lust with so many cute pieces! I'll admit, I'm really craving warmer weather...I wore short sleeves today and made an iced latte just to spite the cold. (I know, I'm a badass...) But fun wedges and brightly patterned skirts certainly make me crave the season even more. Feast your eyes!

Eastlake Top                                       Double Twist Sweater                                                                         

Free Flow Tank                                   Sound Waves Dress

 Pollen Promise Skirt                         Woven Chroma Dress

Buckled Cummerbund                        Grevy's Wedges

Eila Necklace                                     Aflush Necklace

Fresh Leaves Shopper


  1. I *LOVE* shirts with ruffles. So much.

  2. i need that sound waves dress, it's so cute.

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