Sunday, January 31, 2010

wants of the week

I'm turning it up in the blog department! As I work on relaunching this baby and revealing a new theme, I'm introducing a new weekly feature - "Wants of the Week!" I spend enough time browsing online stores and eyeing celebrity fashion, as well as randomly blogging about my shopping lusts to not make this kind of post a regular thing.

I am in no way claiming to be a fashion guru. I have miles to go before I could even be considered fashion-forward. I partially accredit that to my disciplined spending habits (ha...ha...ha...). But I like what I like...and I like to share. So enjoy! These wants could be fashion, accessories, a hair cut...whatever! Tell me if you agree, tell me if you don't. And feel free to send along some of YOUR wants!

1.  Lea Michele's gorgeous dress from the SAG awards (along with a reason to wear it...!)

2. Floral Stretch Waistband Skirt from Express - it's fun, colorful and can be worn with layers in the early spring or with a cute tank as the temps (hopefully) rise.

3. Nine West Toreador Boots - I've been eyeing some brown leather boots most of the winter. They make more sense than suede in icky weather, and they are more versitile to wear with skirts as the seasons change.

4. Olivia Moon Pleated Tunic - I'm currently obsessed with the tunic and legging look and I'm really digging the pleats on this top. It's comfortable enough for daily wear with flats or boots and easily dolled up for a night out.

Friday, January 29, 2010

a walk down memory lane

As thankful as I am for where my life has taken me, every now and then something stimulates memories of where you came from and you get nostalgic. You have to know where you've been to know where you are, right? I noticed this morning that it's the last working day of January. February is right around the corner.

This year, February means another month to drive revenue at work, my husband, sister-in-law and niece's birthday...not to mention a few more on J's side of the family...a weekend home to see my family, and a weekend where friends are coming down to visit. And, hopefully, getting closer to consistently warmer weather.

Four short years ago, February meant something completely different.

It meant shorter practices and a looming conference meet. It meant adjusting to new classes and continuing to hate the frigid winters. It meant team bonding and no drinking...well, always the team bonding part. In college at JMU, February was the best month of the year that wasn't March, April and May. February meant spring was right around the corner. And spring was 100% synonymous with fun and freedom.
Springtime at JMU can't adequately be summed up in a blog post...or several blog posts. It meant a break from swimming, running outside, even shorter practices (if any...) and a lot of porch sits, quad lounging, shorter skirts and BBQs. It meant outdoor parties and more walking. It meant a lot more drinking. It led to tower visits, tubing trips and Frisbee games.

I specifically remember by the time I started my last semester in the Fall of '06 being ready to graduate and move on. Now, as I work an 8-5 (which I'm fortunate to really enjoy...), pay bills, clean my house regularly, and budget my money...I can't help but think back of the 'carefree-ness' that was college and smile. We were irresponsible, reckless, immature, and more fun than you can imagine. Now we have mortgages and responsibilities. Then we paid next-to-nothing rent and and ran up our credit card on bar tabs and going-out clothes. I wouldn't have traded a minute of it.

I don't often really, really miss college...but as February starts next week, I definitely miss the excitement and build-up that the month brought. As an athlete, the opportunity to perform to the best of my ability and beat the crap out the competition at conferences got me pumped. Knowing some time off was just a few short weeks away, along with warm weather and more time with friends...just added fuel to the fire. I wish I had appreciated the experience more when I was there. Fortunately, I have lots of great memories to reflect on (and photographic proof...!) to make me smile.