Tuesday, October 6, 2009

as he thinks in his heart, so he is.

Tomorrow my wedding date will make it into the 10-day weather forecast. Omigod. (yes, all in one word) I've been checking the foliage report daily despite the fact that it's only updated twice a week. J couldn't believe that they actually have foliage reports, but I assure you they exist. Currently, my part of the east coast is exhibiting little to no change...but alas, all hope is not lost. Those leaves could change into some wicked colors in a week and a half, right? Fingers crossed.

The ceremony programs are turning out well despite my inability to find plum colored ribbon. I'm not certain why JMU puple is everywhere but plum purple is no where it be found. It's such a trendy color for fall. For example, take these two pieces of wonderful that I'd love to get my hands on...

Bag: Maggie from Coach - $348
Shoes: Rampage Women's Gracee at Shoes.com - $49

I also bid on my first item on Ebay this morning. Yes, my first. It was a Polaroid camera with film. I bought it to have at the wedding reception - I'm too poor for a photobooth but am not digging the disposables on every table, but I think random pics taken by my closest friends will be priceless. Taza at The Rockstar Diaries has gotten me completely fixated on Polaroid pictures, too. They will be a fun addition to the professional pics as well as give me a new camera to play with on the honeymoon and beyond.

The reception seating chart is finalized! I was even able to cut an entire table thanks to several last minute RSVP changes. If planning a wedding taught me anything it's to always RSVP on time. Seriously, say yes, say no - just say something. I was so surprised by how many people we had to chase down via email, phone, etc. Some people just never got back to us. It floored me for all of 5 minutes that people could be so rude - but I got over it when I realized that J and I are truly blessed to have some amazingly supportive and all-around awesome people in our lives and that I don't have a minute of time to take away from appreciating all the good we have to waste on the bad. There are several special people that won't be able to make it that will definitely be missed - but we are a lucky, lucky couple and cannot wait to celebrate with all the people that mean so much to us!

At this point, I'm having to resist the temptation to call my bridesmaids every single day on my drive home from work to tell them how excited I am to have all of them together to hang out. Every single time I see my photographer on gchat I want to tell her how much I love what she's done for us so far and how anxious I am to see her work her magic for our wedding. I spare those fine ladies, for now...my Mom, not so much. I just can't get enough of her greetings when she knows it's me calling, "How's my beautiful bride-to-be?" Cheese!!! She gets several phone calls a day.

Am I excited? You bet. 11 more days!


  1. omg...shoes.com? why didn't I know about this

    I'm so excited for you! Your wedding will be perfect! can't wait to see pics

  2. I beg to differ on that color of Purple. I believe it is correctly identified as ECU Purple.


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