Friday, June 12, 2009

I Can't Help It...It's What I'm Into...

I realize that I blog a lot about weddings...but here's the thing, I'm getting married in 4 months (127 days to be exact, not that I'm counting...) so I can't exactly fault myself that my current fascination (obsession?) is all the awesome ways couples are infusing creativity into their big day. I started blogging in an effort to try to make myself be more creative, however, I'm finding that my waves of creative ideas come at inconvenient times when it's not possible to document them - when I'm on runs or at the gym, when I'm sitting in a training session at work, driving in my car - and by the time I'm in front of the computer and able to post, the ideas are gone - or they don't seem quite as good as they did before. I have great admiration for people who's livelihoods depend on their ability to churn out creativity on a daily basis.

What I haven't dissapointed myself on is the ability to find other people's creativity and share it with my small audience. Getting back to my wedding fascination, I more specifically have found myself being drawn to the inspiring things photographers and videographers are producing. I mentioned in an earlier post my desire to do a trash the dress session. I found another incredible shot of a TTD session...

How much fun are they having? I mean really, her smile is priceless.

And then there's this video from Still Motion Photo + Cinema. They create videos of TTD sessions that really capture the playfulness of these types of photo shoots.

Frances + James TTD - Times Square + Coney Island from StillMotion on Vimeo.

I have one final "props" to dish out to The Broke-Ass Bride. Another couple that looks like a blast to hang out with, their pictures were out of this world amazing!Here are a few of my favorites:

And I definitely cannot forget to include the video they put together...check out The Fresh Hubby of LA...

Fresh Hubby of LA from Digital Princess Productions on Vimeo.

To end on another happy note, it's *Friday* and in a few short hours I'm heading up to Richmond to have a girls weekend with some of my very best friends. I'm even having my first bridal shower tomorrow! I'm too excited for words. Happy weekend!


  1. Rebecca - enjoy your wedding obsession while you can! The big challenge will be when you get back home from the honeymoon - weddings probably won't seem all encompassing anymore when it's not yours.

  2. Girl I've been married for years and I still want to do a TTD session!

  3. I love ttd pics! I think it would be soo fun!

  4. I really like ttd pics! I think it would be soo fun!

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