Friday, March 20, 2009

Creative ADD?

Does this exist? I fully intended on getting into more detail about the other things I have learned since I've moved to Raleigh - I thought they were pretty insightful and worth elaborating on. However, 4 days removed, I look back at my list and think they are rather generic and lame. Maybe I should have gotten all my thoughts down on Monday? I find I have this problem with a lot of my creative endeavors. I get great ideas swimming in my head and get excited to see them through, and then I get bored with them. If the time to fully pursue my ideas doesn't present itself at the precise moment that they are bewing inside my head, it's almost a lost cause.

Scrapbooking is a perfect example. I have wanted to get into scrapbooking for months, years even. I'd love to have the events of my life documented by printed photos creatively laid out on patterned paper and my poor excuse for a humorous explanation or some badly chosen quote written below to tie it all together. No really, I would. But I get bored with that idea before I find the time (and the money) to get to the store to buy the necessary supplies.

I thought blogging might be better. Apparently not. I will complete my list briefly, and perhaps the next time I get the desire to write and have nothing particulary interesting to ramble about, I'll come back to the list and elaborate. Without further ado (as I know so many people were waiting with much anticipation):

3. Social media marketing, social networking - all extremely fascinating! There is so much out there to read about and to learn. Here's a list of some social media blogs I try to check from time to time.

4. Tofu BBQ is f'ing amazing!! Brooks gave us a holiday present in the form of gift cards to The Pit, a BBQ restaurant downtown. I went with some of the girls from work for Victoria's birthday. V is vegan (in addition to being awesome) - and lemme tell you, she makes some kickass raw tiramisu! But I addition to trying Bells beer for the first time and L-O-V-I-N-G it, I was privilidged to get a bite of V's tofu BBQ. Oh. My. God. It tasted juuuust like BBQ chicken! It blew my mind. (I have also become extremely dependent on my Morning Star Farms maple flavored veggie sausage patties for breakfast...which are apparently now available at Helio's on their kick ass bagel sandwiches. My mornings may never be the same again...)

5. I have books on my "to-read" list that aren't by Malcolm Gladwell, David Sedaris, or about vampires. Although, as my list was created on Monday, this has since changed after watching a talk with Malcolm Gladwell from 2004'sTED Conference on spaghetti sauce (Watch the talk here...) this morning in class. Gladwell's book Outliers has now rapidly been moved from a book I "will read at some point" to the book I plan on going and buying on my way home from work today.

6. ACC Basketball is a BIG deal. I live in the Triangle of North Carolina, I'm not sure I need to elaborate much more. Go 'Heels!

7. It's much harder to make friends as an adult than it was as a child. I always considered myself a social person and I always found it easy to make friends. I guess before I moved to a brand new city where the only person I knew was the person I was moving for. It's not like college and not even like my last company where there were 10 other new people that started within the same month or 2 as me. Don't get me wrong, I have some friends here. And I'm lucky that the 20-person company I work for is comprised of 20 people I enjoy spending time with - over 1/2 price martinis at Boggarts or at late-night McDonalds runs or onnnneee too many vodka-cran's at Lynwood Grill. Just as a general statement - it hasn't been the 'walk in the park' I imagined it would be to find my niche here.

8. Gold's Gym rocks. I never believed the hype, but good god that place is amazing. The classes are tough, there are always machines available no matter how busy it is, and I especially enjoy watching Little Miss Sunshine while elliptical-ing it up.

9. Life moves fast. I didn't think the day would come where a new dish rack and pizza stone would make me insanely happy! The day has come. Not much gets me smiling like the smell of chili cooking all day, filling my wine rack and then depleting it (repeat, repeat, repeat...), and taking a long walk with the dogs and Jason. Not to mention I'm getting MARRIED. Settling down? Eh - I'd prefer to call it 'calming down,' I've got more than enough spice left.


Currently listening to 'Everything'll Be Alright' by Joshua Radin. All week I've been addicted to my Ryan Adams station on Pandora...still in much anticipation for my PINK-infused, shopping and sushi-fest of a weekend with 2 of my best friends in Richmond coming up. The sun's out and it may be about 60 in Raleigh, I'm in a skirt and my "summer jean jacket" and I'm happy.

I also joined Twitter this week - it has been everything and nothing like what I anticipated. :)

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